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1. Local Knowledge & Expertise

Cammy knows the importance of having an in-depth understanding of the local area when finding buyers find their perfect home or investment. She starts the process by asking her clients what are the most important things to them that way she can recommend specific neighborhoods that fit their desires, whether it be great schools, high potential appreciation, new construction, walkability, etc.


She is not only knowledgeable about the current market, but also the various development projects happening around Central Florida. It is important to be aware of the current and future development, such as future schools, hospitals, commercial projects, etc, as these are all elements that can affect future value and desirability of a home and area.

2. Tech-Savvy

Real estate is a constant changing field- what is implemented today may be replaced with something completely different in a year or two. If an agents do not adopt, not only does it hurt their business, it also hurts their clients because clients are relying on their agents to guide them. Their clients may be losing out on the newest efficient ways to market their homes, new services to make the process easier, faster, etc, all because their agents were still stuck in old technology.


Cammy is always educating herself with the newest technology available and keeping up with any new changes. She is all about constant learning and improvement to provide the best service.

 3. Long-term Relationships

Cammy’s business model is success through long-term relationships. She makes the buying experience very straight forward and pleasant and the relationship doesn’t end at closing. She will always be available to answer questions and give guidance to past clients. She will always give full disclosure on the pros and cons of each property.

 4. Taking the Time to Understand Your Needs

Purchasing a property can be one of the biggest financial decisions one can make. She knows that by asking key questions and truly getting to know her client’s needs can prevent wasted time and stress. Cammy enjoys helping clients in different stages. Sometimes clients may need more time to figure out what they want in a house and she will never rush them to make a decision. She works diligently and patiently with all of her clients to find them a property they truly love no matter how long it takes.

 5. Hand-picking all listings

Instead of putting you on an automated search system, Cammy will personally search for properties one by one and only send you listings she thinks would fit all your needs. She values your time, this is why she puts in extra effort to sort through the crowd of listings and only present the best options available to you.

 6. Always Present & Available

Cammy welcomes her clients to text or call her after hours and on weekends in order to make the buying process pleasant and stress-free. She is always responsive and quick to respond.She is present at all the home inspections, walkthroughs, closings, and everything in between and always looking out for her clients' best interests.

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