I will pay for your property inspection or appraisal depending on the value of your home. 

For properties under $400,000, 

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HD Photograhy & Walk-Through Video

Having professionally taken photographs of your property is very important. Cammy cringes every time she sees a listing she can easily tell was taken by the agent’s phone or digital camera. At any given time, there are hundreds of listings potential buyers have to sort through. Cammy knows having poorly taken photographs can make potential buyers completely bypass your property altogether, this is why having professional photographs is very important. It maximizes the attractiveness of the property and gives potential buyers a great first impression; As well as a reason to not only click on the listing from the search results, but also read into the description of the property. It would be a shame to have photographs taken by a phone with poor lighting and angles that do not showcase the full potential of the property.


The walk-through video will come into play once the professional photos spark potential buyers’ interests. Cammy will hire a photographer to produce a walk-through HD video of your property, not just a slideshow of photos and call it a virtual tour as many listing agents tend to do. It will give buyers a much more detailed look into the property and show the flow of the floor plan, making it easier for potential buyers to realize the nice lifestyle your home provides.  

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Drone photography and video is also included in my listing services to my sellers.


It can be extremely beneficial to getting your property sold for the top dollar. It is one of the best ways to showcase the environment around your property, especially if it has a water view, golf view, or water access. 

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A Listing Description that Paints a Lifestyle

It is important to ensure potential buyers not only love what they read about your property, but are able to imagine how fantastic life could be to live there. This is another mistake Cammy witnesses often when searching for properties for her clients. Many listing agents simply list the number of rooms, bathrooms, and the amenities. Most of the time, they pay very little attention to building a lifestyle image in the minds of potential buyers. Cammy knows having a terrific description can be just as important as having professional photos. The writing style and the image you build in their minds, plays a great role in which property potential buyers pursue.

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Advertised & Searchable on All Major Platforms

It is essential that your property is advertised and easily found on all major platforms where buyers and agents search for homes for sale. Cammy will ensure that your property can be found on the MLS, Zillow, Redfin, Trulia, Realtor and other major real estate websites. She will very carefully and strategically select a collection of photographs to showcase your property and maximize the number of views.

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Cammy Is Responsive 7-days a week, Day and Night, so Why Does That Matter?

Cammy and her significant other are homeowners and also investors.  Having experience on the other side, Cammy fully understands the difference responsiveness makes on selling a property. In her opinion, one of the worst things a listing agent can do is not answer their phone, text message or email in a timely manner.


As an investor, home buyer, and buyer’s agent, she cannot tell you how many times a listing agent lost a potential deal because they did not respond fast enough and while waiting, her buyers decided to pursue a different property. In her experience, most agents have “set office hours” where they will stop answering calls and responding to messages after 5:00 PM. Even during their “office hours”, it will take more than half a day to get a response. When the listing agent does not answer right away, the potential buyer will usually keep shopping around. By the time they finally get a response, they will have already found another property they want to tour. This is why it is so important to be responsive anytime of the day and any day of the week.


You can rest assured that Cammy’s priority in both her work and daily life will be to sell your house at the best price and in the soonest time possible. She does not have set office hours. She will not stop working until your house is sold. If she gets a call at 10:00 PM from someone inquiring about one of her listings, you bet Cammy will pick up the phone right away. She understands when it comes to a real estate sale, timing is everything and communication is key.

Listing Service & Strategy

I PAY for the following: